Karizma R One month Old VIbration issue

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Karizma R One month Old VIbration issue

Mensajepor MichaelSmith » 15 May 2018 12:56


I thought it will go off after first service but unfortunately it didnt happen. I launched a complaint on tuesday 5/3/2014 and as per the call from Company i gave the bike for repairing, but the service people did some fixes and they made it worse.I called the company again and technical manager from Zonal office came to meet me and he said the issue with all the bikes of hero ,the funny thing is that he is telling only the karizma bike which has 220 cc bike will vibrate like this and at the time same hero xtreme with 150cc wont vibrate and they are saying it is not a technical issue because hero now having his own engine so dont expect the same performance from the old HERO-HONDA engine?

Please help.

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