Problems with a D-Link Router

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Problems with a D-Link Router

Mensajepor MichaelSmith » 23 May 2018 12:32


I have been having problems all week getting on to the internet. I use a D-Link DSL-G624T wireless router. I have a PC downstairs and use a lap-top upstairs. I seem to be able to connect to the router but the router wont connect to the internet. It's not a problem with my connection as I've tried the old modem and I can get online using that with no issues. When ever I try to connect using my lap-top via a wireless connection, I simply get a message saying it was unable to connect to the internet. the extent of my technical ability is to turn the router on an off for 20 seconds and hope for the best. To complicate matters I cannot go to my ISP for tech support. my broadband was given to me "free" by my last job. The company ceased trading, but they've paid for the connection until the end of 2010. Can anyone suggest a course of action?

Please help.

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