Carvajal: I would sign Neymar for Real Madrid, he's made me suffer

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Carvajal: I would sign Neymar for Real Madrid, he's made me suffer

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In the hope that one day he will be able to enjoy maxbet Neymar's talents rather than have to defend against them, Dani Carvajal has remarked that he would bring the Brazilian to Real Madrid.Speaking on Thursday night, the Spaniard was asked whether he'd rather see Neymar or Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmann maxbet at Los Blancos."Difficult, as he has made me suffer, I would sign Neymar," the defender replied on El Transistor of maxbet and Onda Cero.It has been a disruptive season for the defender, owing to a heart infection that saw him sidelined and unable to train for weeks on end."It was a virus that went straight to my heart," said Carvajal. "In the first few days I lost my voice a bit and then my chest began to hurt a lot. "I thought it was a bad cold. I went to training and told the doctor. I trained and then the tests gave back a strange result, and we went to the cardiologist."I wasn't scared, but then you start reading about it. "The worst thing was those five weeks that I couldn't do anything, they became eternal. Sometimes I went to Valdebebas just to see my teammates." While ready to admit how tough a LaLiga campaign Madrid have had, Carvajal discussed how his team managed to overcome Paris Saint-Germain to set up another big run in Europe."The rivalry with Barcelona is total," he added. "Of course it bothers me that they can win the league, as they would have been bothered by our double last year. "It is the beauty of football."[The PSG win] was crucial, in the middle of March to only have the league left would have been very bad for us. "We knew that we were going to face them at 200 percent and that was how it was. From the draw until it was played, it was long because there was a lot of news: look how Neymar is, how Cavani is..."Who isn't worry by Neymar lies; I didn't like him getting injured. I wish I had played [in the first leg]."They thought they were superior, they knew we weren't in good form and that is why they made those statements. But, we do our talking on the pitch."Finally, the Spaniard touched on Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and how Real's experiences at the Club World Cup have led him to be against the system."I am not very supportive of VAR," he confessed. "Its application makes for fairer football but the game will lose its essence a bit. We saw that in the Club World Cup."

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